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At Bespoke Inc., our aim is to provide access to professional development opportunities that enable learners to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve professional goals and improve the competitive advantage of organizations. Our training solitions are tailored to meet specific requirements and are offered in a variety of formats to include in-person, e-learning, blended learning options, seminars, assessments and coaching sessions.

For our customized training solutions, our core team members are chosen based on the skills and experience that best match the needs of our client.  We then meet with the client to discuss challenges, opportunities and objectives, and consequently recommend a way forward that will address the needs of the organization. Depending on a company’s needs, we tailor current courses offered or create a completely customized program that specifically targets learning objectives and goals. 


Taking all of this into account, we then develop and deliver a tailored program that provides the organization with the foundation to lead, implement and develop a relevant internal professional development program that can be further customized as goals and objectives change.

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Targeted Training

The Polished Professional

This series is designed to enable individuals to master the all important "soft skills" and advance their professional and personal lives to the next level.


Through a balanced mix of topics and focus areas, the program will give participants tools and resources that will immediately enhance their ability to manage and lead effectively. Organizations wanting to invest in the development of employee management and leadership will find these courses are ideal for staff identified to participate in a management development program.

Executive Edge

This program is designed to aid participants in taking an unbiased view of themselves and the organization while developing a personalized course of action. Participants will then be in the position to determine a path that works for them, their staff and the company.


The goal of this program is for participants to return to the office with practical, vetted tools and action plans to put into use immediately.

Train the Trainer

As training professionals, we appreciate that it is not enough to invest in training staff, it is equally important to train the trainer.  Trainers will develop the confidence to facilitate, present and adapt courses to changing requirements based on company and staff expectations successfully. The Train-the-Trainer workshops will provide latest trends, techniques and training tools to help trainers deliver engaging workshops that will encourage trainees to put into practice the skills and techniques learned. 

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Workplace Essentials

Skills required for success in the global workplace are taught by Bespoke experts through targeted individual and group development consultation and training. Our programs are designed to encourage and enhance leadership qualities and help individuals develop the confidence and preparedness needed to handle all levels of business administration.

Professional Development

Investing in the development of employee management and leadership abilities is an ongoing effort that will lead to retention of staff, improved outcome for students at Job Corps Centers and the creation of a diverse pipeline of future leaders.  Edit Text to make it your own.

Protocol & Etiquette

Protocol and Etiquette have become highly sophisticated and strategic assets in today's global business and diplomatic arenas. Bespoke provides expert guidance to give individuals the power to present themselves with confidence and professionalism with an understanding of internationally accepted practices for official and social situations.

Communication Strategies

Managers and leaders need to be able to communicate effectively in order to engage and connect with others. This requires listening effectively, avoiding filters or biases, rephrasing, and speaking persuasively. The Communication Strategies workshop will help participants understand the different methods of spoken and written communication and how to make the most of each of them.These strategies will provide a great benefit for any organization and its employees.

Diversity & Inclusion

Through consulting and training, our team concentrates on best practices to develop and maintain a workplace culture which reflects awareness and sensitivity to individual capabilities, and appreciation of ethnic, gender, racial, religious and cultural differences.

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Human Resources

In recent years, tasks that were originally thought to fall under the responsibility of the human resources department have become a part of many managers’ job descriptions.  The sharing and diffusion of these tasks throughout the organization has had an impact particularly on those that are not equipped with the skills or knowledge to deal with these issues.  The Human Resource Management courses will give managers the tools to handle numerous human resource situations such as interviewing, orientation, safety, harassment, discrimination, violence, discipline, and termination.

Behavioral Health & Wellness

We have developed multiple evidence-based training curriculums to increase health and wellness.  Our trainings are designed to empower and facilitate healthy behaviors and well-being for organization and employees.

Leadership & Management Development

While it is true that some people are born leaders, some leaders are born in the midst of adversity.  Learning the techniques of true Leadership and Influence, participants will be able to build the confidence it takes to lead, make decisions and face challenges.

Events Management

In professional environments, events are crucial for disseminating information, casting vision and building unity.  These workshops are designed to give participants the tools needed to initiate, facilitate and execute meetings or events effectively.  Participants will learn strategic planning and leading techniques that will give them the confidence to produce meeting and events that will engage attendees and promote productivity.

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Professional Development
Workplace Essentials
Behavioral Health & Wellness
Protocol & Etiquette
Events Management
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